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With art booming in NYC and the appreciation for the form taking sustenance all across the world, the idea of becoming an artist is more evident than ever before. From sculpting and molding to painting and sketching, the Brooklyn artists’ scene has exploded in recent years. Even the street art has become a protected form of expression that many deem the true value of the city. From museum to the streets, the expressionism of the local Brooklyn artists can be viewed around every corner.

Varda Yoran is a sculptor, located in Brooklyn. She was born in China to Jewish parents from Russia, lived through the Japanese occupation of China, World War II, the takeover of the communist regime in China, and the independence of the State of Israel. She went to Israel, where she lived for 30 years. Then spent 2 years in London, before relocating to the United States. Her work reflects the many cultures she had been exposed to throughout her life. Her sculptures range in size from very small to 15’ high, in a variety of materials - stone, clay, bronze, wax, lucite, aluminum. She has participated in many group shows and solo exhibits, in the United States, Israel, Canada, Italy, Finland. She has 5 large outdoor sculptures in Israel, on the campus of Tel-Aviv University, Rabin Medical Center, the Israeli Airforce Center, and the Ghetto Fighters Museum.

Varda’s sculptures transcend language and culture

Observations made about Varda Yoran’s sculptures:


Her work provides one universal visual language that everyone understands Yoran’s sculptures reflect human emotions primarily through stance and posture. Whether the emotions are joy, grief or strength, Yoran’s sculptures succinctly capture a feeling everyone can identify with.

ARTisSPECTRUM spring/summer 2014 Volume 31:

Solid yet sinuous, Varda Yoran’s contemporary figural sculpture is an exercise in grace. In her own work, the expressive instrument is the human body. Her pieces are monochrome, stylized, and often only a foot in height, but they are excellent representations of the figure in motion. Her subjects walk and kneel and interact, with no contextual information other than their own attitudes. Sometimes only a face is shown, sculpted into a slab of stone, in other works the face is completely smoothed away to let the body do the talking. These abstractions suggest narrative, motion, and even turmoil. Yoran is skilled in an impressive array of media, including bronze, wood, clay, wax, lucite, acrylic and a variety of stone, and to some extend she will tailor her method to her material. A translucent piece of onyx will be cut so as to best show off the stone’s grain, and her bronze pieces are thinner and lighter in order to take advantage of the metal’s delicacy. But her chief aesthetic runs strong throughout every sculpture, no matter its makeup. The human form is streamlined into geometrical simplicity, edges and corners are hard and meet at right angles, but her chief aesthetic runs strong throughout every sculpture, no matter its makeup. The human form is streamlined into geometrical simplicity. Edges and corners are hard and meet at right angles, but surfaces are smooth and undulating. Figures move and contort emotionally - Yoran achieves an outstanding fluid subtlety in their postures that exists in tension with the strength of her lines.

AGORA GALLERY, NYC. Figurative Realms 2014

Israeli-American artist Varda Yoran creates dynamic, emotive sculptures that explore the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of the realms of emotive expression and physical movement. A hallmark of Yoran’s sculpture is her definitive use of shape, whether demarcated by sharp edges, smooth surfaces, gentle curves, or undulating lines. Working in an array of materials, including stone, wood, plexiglas, was, clay and bronze, Yoran stays away from superfluous detail and rather focuses on capturing and elucidating the feeling and power contained within each three-dimensional composition. Most of Yoran’s work is concerned with exploring the universality of emotions, and how this comes to intersect with and be expressed by the fluidity of physical bodies in motion. In addition, Her sculpture has been influenced by her diverse cultural background, since she has lived in places as varied as China, Israel, the UK, and the U.S. Overall, this art is meant to tell a story and to provide insight into what it is to be human in these modern times. As Yoran explains, “To me, art is a language, non- verbal communication. My voice is sculpture.”

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