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With art booming in NYC and the appreciation for the form taking sustenance all across the world, the idea of becoming an artist is more evident than ever before. From sculpting and molding to painting and sketching, the Brooklyn artists’ scene has exploded in recent years. Even the street art has become a protected form of expression that many deem the true value of the city. From museum to the streets, the expressionism of the local Brooklyn artists can be viewed around every corner.

For Yarda Yoran, a connection to local artists is what drives her own creativity. Based around the life of herself and her family, she transforms her ideas into something intricate, beautiful, and intriguing. Along with her husband, one of the best Brooklyn sculpture artists, they have work displayed all around the world. As an immigrant family training in the cultures of many different places, Yarda is able to turn her life experiences into art. As the value for Brooklyn artists increases, so does the amount of those who look to her art for inspiration.

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Unlike other art forms, sculpting takes an incredible eye and a steady hand. Whereas painting can become more abstract, sculpting take concentration, focus, and a plan. For Yarda and her husband, using sculpting to create pieces that do more than stand in place in museums is important. They pride themselves on the ability to capture their life’s journey in bronze, clay, or stone. As with other Brooklyn sculpture artists, Yarda and her husband have a place in the city and have impacted the artistic culture there tremendously.

Yarda has studied under some of the best artists in New York to enhance her craft and ensure she is keeping the art alive. As art continues to evolve and change, both Yarda and her husband keep exploring new techniques and mediums.

For more information on the history of Yarda Yoran and the Brooklyn artists and Brooklyn sculpture artists transforming the city, take a look at her work. From her early pieces to what she is producing currently, she is an influence in the artist scene that cannot be changed.

2005-2014 Varda Yoran